The best vaccine against COVID-19 now is to protect oneself and to maintain social distance.

Since the beginning of 2021, the global coronavirus outbreak has intensified. Today, people are infected all over the world, totaling more than one hundred one million and four hundred thousand people and more than two million, one hundred and eighty thousand people died.

The country with the 1st highest number of infections and deaths is the United States, followed by India and Brazil. In the ASEAN region  The countries with the highest number of cases were Indonesia (4th in Asia), Philippines (9th in Asia), Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos.

For Thailand until January 28, there were 16,221 cumulative cases, 76 people with cumulative deaths, ranking 5 in ASEAN countries, ranked 120 in the world. At the beginning of the week RT news agency reported that Israel has found tens of thousands of people infected with COVID-19 after “vaccination”.

People who received the COVID-19 vaccine of fizer-Bion Tech company more than 12,400 people are infected with COVID-19, 69 of which have already received a second vaccine. The Israeli Ministry of Health said the authorities had tested it for COVID-19. of the 189,000 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine, more than 6.6% or more than 12,400 were tested positive or infected with COVID-19.

Most of them were infected shortly after receiving the first vaccine. More than 1,410 tested positive two weeks after the vaccine. Until later, abnormalities or side effects from vaccines began, leading to onset the quality of each vaccine company. Whether it is for America, England, Germany and China.

Which this matter is a proof that we have already realized that We humans still have to fight COVID-19. together for a long time.

Measures Taken by Thailand to Combat the COVID-19 outbreak besides being praised by the World Health Organization (WHO). That Thailand can manage and control the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 is the best in the top of the world.

The success arising from the mutual cooperation of all Thai people in this time, especially social distancing, wearing a protective mask, not going into crowded areas, eating hot / personal spoon.

Including taking care of your health to be healthy. It is the best vaccine against COVID, which will allow us all to prevent this terrible disease ourselves.

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